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Segments 3  Immortality Discourse

LIVE Interactions with - Michael



Those in Ascending Harmonization shall receive:


* Chapters 71 - 122 Immortality Discourse Book audio series. 


We highly suggest that each individual participating create the opportunity to listen to all of the audio in the order that it is offered.  This will manifest an understanding of the primary level of awareness required to comprehend the first in person sit.


What is a sit?

It is the three - 2 hour segments of each day of the live interactions. 

The deeper the appreciation of focus and alignment of the individual will greatly enhance the availability of receiving the knowledge that is shared. 

In essence it will assist you in being open to receive all that Michael has intended to share with you in person. Each sit is the engagement of sovereign space, people journey worldwide to hear that which Michael shares. 

We want you to receive all that he offers in harmony and alignment.

Next Offering

       Please inquire for next 3rd Level.

 or Schedule Segment 3 in your area


Investment: $1150 - per 5 day Interaction,


Terms - $500 advance non refundable payment. Remainder is due two weeks prior to event. Upon receipt of your advance payment, we will immediately send you the appropriate audios from the Immortality Discourse audio book.


* Chapters 71 - 122 Immortality Discourse Book audio series. 


"Some of the things we have learned have been mind blowing to me. Everything we have been taught in the past is just opposite of what you are teaching.

Your teachings make more sense and is very simple.

We also thank you for all the help you have given us with different issues in our lives."


               attendees from Washington


"You confirmed it to me as well as shown/taught me much much more..

How to achieve peace, joy, harmony and prosperity. How to choose your words and thoughts and think about what you wish for.

With every breath that I take, I will achieve inner peace.

But most of all you taught me about relaxation and grace.

The meaning of dreams to mention a few.

Thank you for showing me the way!"

           attendee from Alberta, Canada


Thank you for the healing - it worked immediately! Three days later a blessing of cash. A bundle of unexpected cash.”

             attendee from Vancouver


"Thank you for these very inspiring meditations. These blessings toward my inward journey to loving myself again.

Thank you"

         attendee from California



“I listened to Clear Communication this morning in tears. 

I feel so grateful and blessed to be in this interaction."


                 attendee from Texas

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