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  Allow yourself to find 

                   the immortal being that is you.


Immortal presence is a shift into

Higher Consciousness


Living pure presence,

Expressing your gift Gracefilled Vibrancy is the outcome of

these powerful Interactions.

many blessings


Join this journey through a

Series of 3, five day Interactions

with Michael


Interactions can become life changing for the attendee,

read some discoveries on this website by people that have

experienced much upliftment

                                                 from interactions with Michael.






“ I feel the Grace you send and the wonderful feelings that come over me when I'm participating in our meetings.

I will continue to use the relaxation method that you have taught me and continue to enable my mind to aid me in achieving my dreams.

The course that you taught has been undoubtingly

the most uplifting event I have ever experienced.

I am looking forward to every one of our future meetings and the knowledge and blessings that you bring.”

                                                                      Garry S.






"The words "Extraordinarlilly Masterful" come to mind immediately to describe the teachings that come forth

fhrough Michael's workshops.

Michael's intent seems to be in accord with genuine empowerment of that You can be certain."           



I have attended a few of Michael's workshops. This was a life changing experience. The benefits of these workshops has given me a deeper appreciation for the Source of ALL THAT IS.

You will know the true meaning of relaxation and deep meditation, via visual activations taking you to states of mind you never knew existed before. The contents of the workshops if have attended have been those of joy, peace, harmony, and stimulated an intense sense of unconditional love. Most of that which I experienced cannot be translated into words. You must experience this for yourself. I highly recommend Michaels workshops for an eye opening spiritual experience I know you will enjoy.

Michael is an incredible healer, with amazing technolgies you may want to take advantage of also.”                            


                                                                                                         Larry  from Canada






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