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Segment 1  Ascension and Sovereign Being

​Live Interactions with - Michael 



An awareness of what is ascension as a

practical model of life realization!

Expanding conscious awareness of Sovereign Communication, living and becoming an actualized ascendant being.

Offering the opportunity of a New Societal Presence based on Illumed Being*


The individual attending the primary interaction will receive:

The Grace Series, an 11 part audio series activating the awareness of Grace.

The Divine Discourse Series, an 18 part audio series, realizing the foundations of Divinity

We highly suggest that each individual participating create the opportunity to listen to all of the audio in the order that it is offered.  This will manifest an understanding of the primary level of awareness required to comprehend the first in person sit.


What is a sit?

It is the three - 2 hour segments of each day of the live interactions. 

The deeper the appreciation of focus and alignment of the individual will greatly enhance the availability of receiving the knowledge that is shared. 

In essence it will assist you in being open to receive all that Michael has intended to share with you in person. Each sit is the engagement of sovereign space, people journey worldwide to hear that which Michael shares. 

We want you to receive all that he offers in harmony and alignment.


Next Offering


                                                               to be announced


Cost: $1150- 5 day Interaction,

                    3 sits daily: 

                                9am - 11am and 11:30am - 2:30pm and 3pm - 5pm

* The Grace Series

* The Divine Discourse Series

* The Divine Plan e-book.

* The Genesis Series. The Genesis Activation audio

* The First 21 Chapters of The Immortality Discourse Book audio series





“There are two particular pieces that I would like to share regarding Michael's work with me.

Though first of all what stands true to me is Michael's genuine humility and love. In my experience these are two ingredients that both fuel what comes forth through the words of Michael's work and allow a transmission of a high vibration through word and image.” 


                                                 EILEEN M.




“You were a lifesaver for me at a very difficult time in my life. My health and wellbeing has improved on all levels and I am always pleased to recommend your services (and I do)”               NISHA




“In all my relations with Michael, personally and professionally I have been blessed with his awareness, understanding, healing ability and talent for communicating.

His ability to deliver through his charitable nature with compassionand passion in a relaxed, easy, gently manner without judgment is an example of love in action.I as the many we have witnessed to, have enjoyed some profound awakening and healing experiences with Michael.

I would encourage any individual, group or corporation to avail themselves of his services, should he offer them.”

                                                    RON M.

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